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Newbie Tutoral

TRHQ has an average of 2 newbies a week. Most of our newbies stay and become part of us, some of them post bull crap and never show their face again.
If you wanna be cool, like us at TRHQ, you gotta know how to act like us. Trust me, I know! I've seen too many newbies get shot down because they don't know how to act.

A nice list of what to-do & not-to-do:

Don't be a complete idiot.
Don't type in "l337" to be stupid, and don't use it a lot.
Don't type "leik thsi".
Don't type like this "u r sew kewl. want 2 chat? a/s/l?".
Don't just insult people for no reason.
Don't speak your mind too freely. (Even I had bad experience with this!)
Don't let people walk all over you. ex: Don't let certain people boss you around.
Don't harp on religion, politics, or sexual orientation. Wars have been waged over that crap.
Try to use proper grammar.
Stay around for a while, don't just post, "Hi! I'm new!" and disappear.
No reviving old posts.
Do sig tests in the proper forum.
Post appropriate topics in the right forums.
If you don't know what the ways of the board are, hang around and observe the people and follow their lead.
Don't post the most redundent topics that have been done to death.
Don't insult any member until you've known them for a while.
Type good enough for people to understand what the hell you're saying.

Most importantly: BE YOURSELF! Don't try and be someone you're not just to be loved.