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Here you can contact the moderator's and the admin. Some may not have their e-mail address available for public. If it doesn't have e-mail, it will direct you to their user info.


CyanRouge/VirginNymphomaniac, heck. E-Mail me, the one who made this site.


Yamato, Administrator of TRHQ.


Team Pidgeot, Moderator of Rocket Lounge.

MargauxZ, Moderator of Free Talk.

Dyzzyah, Moderator of Good Guy Discussion.

SilverVaporeon, Moderator of Role Play.
WhiteChocolateRabbit, also Moderates Role Play.

PuffinPie, Moderator of Fan Fiction.
EmmiChan, also Moderates Fan Fiction.

JamesNMeowthRule, Moderator of Rocket Fan Art.

ShipperPrincess, Moderator of Misc. Fan Art.
RocketBlue, also Moderates Misc. Fan Art.

Megami, Moderator for Requests.

MeowthRocket, Moderator for Shippers.
Zoiki, also Moderates Shippers.
RGmusashi, also Moderates Shippers.

CassidyJess, Moderator for Butch and Cassidy.

Simon, Moderator for Mondo.

MystiqueMeowth, Moderator for Meowth.

Jazzy, Moderator for Jessie.
Sunny, also Moderates Jessie.

MeowthTRAM, Moderator for James.

Gyara, Moderator for The Boss.

Checkers, Moderator for General Anime.
CassidyGTM, also Moderates General Anime.

Akiko, Moderator for Polls.

AshGabbiani, Moderator for Video Games.
RocketMew, also Moderates Video Games.