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Welcome to the home of Team Rocket Head Quarters!

The site isn't looking 'excellent' just yet. Give me a week or two and it will be a very nice site.

Until then, take a look around. Look at some of the art, or see what our members look like!

Have a nice day. :)

Most, or all, pages are now done. A couple may not be done, I'm working on it. I think the only page not working is the 'stuff' page. I will be looking for a nice guestbook this weekend and putting that together. Then i'm going to find some neat-o things to put in! Plus, I still need more photos of people from TRHQ! If you want your picture in, let me know.

I've decided to add a guest book, if it's not here now, it will be later today or tomorrow. I'm going to put some cool stuff here, too. Like quotes, polls, tests [maybe], and other exciting things to make TRHQ2 worth going to!


Some of the members TEXT TEXT